Hi! My name is Sean and I write things.

I graduated from Humboldt State University in Northern California with degrees in French/Francophone Studies and International Studies.

I have worked at a bookstore, a gas station, and a deli.  For a long time, I was a professional sandwich maker and lived in an environment where I got to deal with grease every day.

I speak French fluently, Japanese at an intermediate level, and just a tiny bit of German and Spanish.  My writings will all be in English, for now…

I write whatever comes to mind; be it short stories or more long-winded and more well thought out novel type writings.  I have one full unpublished novel at the moment Titled “Mother of Mars.”  I participated in Camp Nanowrimo 2016, where I wrote a piece titled “Wall of Trump.”  Both of these works are available free here on the blog.  I also have a varied collection of short stories and series that come and go.  I prefer to write fiction, which ends up being more adult oriented.

I keep the posts mainly to pure literature, whereas the vlogs I post to my youtube channel give a better insight into my everyday life.