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The Gulf

Outland: Chapter 11

My eyes kept straying out the left side of the window, hoping to catch a glimpse of land out across the water.  We had crept easily up the coast of Mexico, but I knew heading all the way up the coast, as Jane and Nathan had said, was not going to be in my interest.

“Gulliver…”  I spoke up suddenly.

“You have a question, Andrew?”

“Are systems prepared for submersion, you think?”  I spoke, knowing myself that the answer would be uncertain.

“It’s not something we’ve undergone in quite some time.  I would also factor in the lack of regular maintenance to various parts; the seals, the ballast tanks, the…”

“I understand, Gulliver.”  I stopped him, partially ashamed at my failure to really do much of any work on Gulliver’s systems.  Once upon a time, there would be teams of people regularly checking on the systems of bots like Gulliver.  I had some know-how, but not as much as those guys.  “If anything, a short test would not hurt, would it?”

“If a seal were to collapse in a vital spot, it could flood the power cells or the drive train.”

“I don’t like the idea as much as you, Gulliver, but…”  I rubbed my chin, thinking.  “Our best chance of proceeding here is to cross over the gulf here.” Continue reading “The Gulf”