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One Like Him

Outland: Chapter 10

My eyes grew tired from having been trained on the land before us.  My hands rested haphazardly on the controls, throttle set at three-quarters speed for the past while.

“If I may recommend, Andrew… we are not progressing at maximum speed.”

“No, no, I’ve got this.”  I said, snapping out of my daze.  “I’m just keeping my eyes out, and this is helping me focus.”

“I am also capable of scanning our surroundings, Andrew.  Is there something particular you would like me to attempt to detect?”

“I think… its better if I just do this.  There probably isn’t anything.”  I shook my head, pulling my hands off the controls for a moment to crack my knuckles against my palms.  “I’m probably just being paranoid at this point.”

I had been looking for any signs of the footprint like depressions I had seen before, but the rocky ground swallowed up any signs of anything having passed by.  The sea was calm and the sky clear.  However, my eyes wouldn’t leave the spot directly out in front of Gulliver.  Eventually feeling too feeble to continue piloting, I turned over the controls to Gulliver, and grabbed myself a ration.  Between bites, I still looked out ahead of us.

Standing up to throw away the crinkled foil wrapper of the ration, I took a quick glance out behind us.  Even the spots where Gulliver had stepped were barely visible against the slope of tiny fragmenting rocks.  Each step was carefully placed, a few feet from one another.  I sat back down for a moment, rubbing my temples to try and clear my mind of the thoughts that were driving me crazy. Continue reading “One Like Him”