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Fifty Thousand, and Then A Few

Cecil finds himself back on Earth.  His thoughts are quiet, a feeling that has alluded him since he awoke from his operation.  The feeling doesn’t rest easy with him.  Seeking some sort of respite, he goes in search of more information regarding the Mars Development Project.  What he stumbles upon may cause unrest among the population still upon the planet millions of miles away.

-Original Description given on my Nanowrimo page somewhere around the end of October.


It was a long month of writing almost every single morning and night, but I finished my book.  Fifty thousand words, the goal of Nanowrimo.


I started with the foundation of my previous story, Mother of Mars; which has been begging me for a sequel since I figuratively put down my pen months ago.  Having a selection of characters, struggles, places, and motifs that I could follow up on was excellent, but for the most part, I had little more than a rough overarching view of where I wanted the story to go.

Somehow, I managed to keep up my writing the whole month, spitting out a new passage every time I sat down to write.

At ten thousand words, about a week in, I barely had time to look back.  The ideas were starting to flow out, and the story was starting to come forth.

At twenty thousand words, not even a full two weeks in, I looked back at my Camp Nanowrimo project that hit this point.  I wondered how I even struggled with such a thing.

At thirty thousand words, my story hit a major turning point where I made the decision to split it into two parts.  The second act was set up and ready to run.

At forty thousand words, I had a ton of steam left, and a story climax was starting to build. I had a faint idea of how the ending would go, and I was barreling towards it ahead of schedule.

By fifty thousand words, I had found an ending that seemed to close everything up nicely, including some dangling threads from the first novel.  My characters said what they needed to say, and I put a “The End” stamp on it, just a few words over the finish line.

There is of course major work needing to be done on it.  A few passages here and there to better expose everything that happens, lots of internal fact checking for continuity, and even more editing, spell checking, and removing of unnecessary junk.  However, after returning to and advancing this universe that I’ve created, I feel like I know much more about it.  My first novel, Mother of Mars, still has yet to meet my standards of completion. However, now I feel like I know how to go back and complete it.

Tomorrow morning I’m heading off for a couple days to visit another city here in France.  The break from nonstop writing will allow me to refresh my mind and prepare myself for the next steps.  I will most definitely return with a vlog or two, and be ready to work on more stuff, “Hell to Pay,’ for example.

Stay tuned, and thanks for reading.

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“Well, hello nurse.” He sat back in the chair, coated in thick transparent plastic, squeaking all the way back.

“How many times am I going to tell you, I’m not a nurse, I’m a geriatric aid. Although I do have my degree in nursing…” She handed him a cup.

“I just wanted to convey; in my own way; just how stunning you are, Marguerite. Not many find women like you anymore; no no.” He threw the contents back into his mouth like a serving of liquor at a discount bar.

“Flattery will get you nowhere, Randall.” She smirked at him, pushing a car filled with little cups full of pills that could properly fill out the rainbow.

“Let me guess, ‘Nowhere’ is your last name, am I right hun?” He leaned forwards again, looking her nylon-covered legs up and down. Her pale orange uniform hugged her thighs and cut off just before the knee.

As she continued around the room, he fixated his gaze on her. Her dainty flats lead her around the room like a ballerina who had been practicing for a performance coming up, and couldn’t get the routine out of her head. The others sitting around the room took varied reactions to her presence. Randal’s eyes followed her as the cart slowly emptied, leading her out of the room. Continue reading “Randall”

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Thanksgiving Across the Pond

This video is late. French people tend to eat late, like about 8 o’clock at night. Thanksgiving in the states however starts freakishly early; like putting in the turkey before noon early. It’s insane. So I would assume that; accounting for the time difference; we ate here about the same time as the east coast. Who knows. I didn’t have any friends there to call.

That, and sleeping off food coma, is why this video is late. Enjoy anyways.

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The Red Planet

Excerpt from “Above A Whisper” (Nanowrimo 2016)

Wandering out through the automatic door once again, Cecil looked out again at the darkness beyond the glass. The tiny dots of light gave it a distinguishable form, which seemed to linger outside. Cecil watched as the planet crept into view, larger than ever before.

The red surface was haunting and desolate. Unlike Earth, there were no shapes that conjured up thoughts or memories. No continents divided by oceans, each holding their own particular type of macroorganism. No lights pinpointing areas where life exist. No green and no blue, each bursting with life, thriving.

“It’s not very pretty, is it?” Cecil jumped as Nikomedes snuck up behind him.
“No, I guess not.” Cecil mumbled halfheartedly. Continue reading “The Red Planet”

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Final Destination Pt 2: The Finale?

Previously Later on Final Destination: An informant, killed in a bar somewhere in Rio, Brazil. Always more s**t to do.

Stan hopped into the cab, the one with gas cover missing as instructed.  The driver nodded back to him.  “Where to?” He shouted back at Stan.

“Whichever theater is still playing Titanic.”  Stan recited as he was told, closing the door behind him.

“James Cameron really is beating the horse dead.”  The driver responded, stepping on the gas and causing the cab to squeal off.  “Did you even check to see if you were being followed?”  The driver leaned back to him.

“No, I just…”  Stan stumbled his words.

“No matter.  We have some errands to run before we go.”

“Go where?”  he asked, trying to hold himself still in the seat while the driver swerved back and forth through traffic.

“Do you have a significant other?”  He looked back at Stan in the rear view mirror.

“I do, yes, her name is-”

“Doesn’t matter.  I just need to inform you that you’ve just won an all expenses paid trip to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil with her.  We’re going to pick her up right now, so you can pack your things, then head straight for the airport.  Got it?”


“Oh, I almost forgot.  Do you own a tuxedo?” He interrupted once again.

“I have this nice sport coat.” Continue reading “Final Destination Pt 2: The Finale?”

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Instant Internet Points

I found something else random in Paris, a cat cafe.  It’s one more thing to add to my list of things that are remotely Japanese that I have found here.

They’re not bald/balding because they’re sick, but because that’s just how they are. It’s strange, but they were cool cats. 5/7 Would go again.

Here’s their site.  You know, just in case you’re in Paris and have nothing better to do.

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Final Destination

I can’t fly a helicopter, Stan shouted.  The flight stuck rumbled in his hand as the ground grew ever closer.  How did it end up like this?

The gun trembled in his hand.  It wasn’t loaded.  They hadn’t given him any ammunition. However, the trembling women at the window didn’t know that.  He looked out from the tiny eye holes carved into the mask.  The teller shoved fistfuls of cash into the bag that he held in his outstretched hand.

Stan’s head jerked in reaction to the sound of sirens reaching his ears.  He looked back to the teller who seemed just as nervous as he was.  He quickly pulled away the bag, gripping it tightly with his fist.  He turned back around to check on the other guys, who were hurrying the other tellers along.

They quickly noticed the sound of sirens approaching.  Stan’s eyes met with another man, who quickly motioned to him.  Stepping around the people who were ducked down to the ground in their fancy suits, the group followed up on their exit strategy.  Even if the police had the building surrounded, there was always the roof. Continue reading “Final Destination”

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To Be Published

In light of recent events (you know damn well which one), I have decided to Publish “Wall of Trump.”

As you know, I am currently living in France.  The news here had been covering the election in great detail, because the state of the US does effect the state of many other countries around the world.  My host family isn’t really pleased with the result, and they have told me that everyone has been abuzz about it here.  Watching the news, I came up with a rant that I was going to write up here, but I think at this point anything that needs to be said has been.

On a happier note, this is my first real published book.  I spent several hours on it yesterday, just to get it in the best possible condition and able to be get it up on Amazon.  If you wish to support me and my writing, please go check it out. Continue reading “To Be Published”