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For November

November is just coming up.  For those of you who weren’t around several months ago, I participated in Camp Nanowrimo and wrote “Wall of Trump.”

November is the real thing.  National Novel Writing Month  50k words in one month. However, now I’m not working a full-time job.  I’m writing the Sequel to “Mother of Mars;” you know, the post that had been pinned at the top of this blog since pretty much the beginning.


I’ve held myself back from wanting… needing to write this, but now is finally my time. For now I’ve put Hell to Pay on hold (thus “End of Book One.”)  It will be most likely come back in December.  We’ll see what content I’m able to put out otherwise

Before that starts… maybe some Halloween themed scary story?  I’ve never done such a thing.  Maybe comment if you have some sort of idea, for at the moment I have nothing.




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